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 The Spruce Goose.  An original play by Ncube.

 The Hughes H-4 Hercules (also k<a href=””>russian women features</a>nown as “The Spruce Goose”) was an aircraft  designed  in 1947.  It was a painstaking project which sucked up time, money and only flew once.<div style=”overflow:hidden;height:1px;”><a href=””>unique casino</a></div>

As a work of historical fiction, The Spruce Goose play draws parallels between the plight of engineer Howard Hughes and that of an ambitious and politically minded Hollywood film director who has worked painstakingly on his latest epic, only to have it pulled apart by his studio executives...

Please click here to book tickets for our final performance: Sunday 2nd August at Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub at 3pm.

Alternatively, click here to let us know i need an essay written for me pay to write essay that you’re coming!  Tickets are available on the door.<a href=”” style=”text-decoration: none; color:#333″>phone track</a>

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The Spruce Goose is written and directed by Ncube, and is produced in association with What Else Is There


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Guerrilla Reviews


The show in a word: Enthralling!

Most memorable / favourite part: When the creator of the game angrily and drunkenly paid out the clients.

Could / should have had: The end was challenging to grasp, I was quite puzzled when the play was over.

Pay to go again?: Erm, yes I would!

– Timothy, Colorado

The show in a word: Weird…

Most memorable / favourite part: The live show, we were in the centre with things happening all around us.

Could / should have had: I am foreign so there were lots of things that I just didn’t understand.

Pay to go again?: No.

– Sebastien, Paris


The show in a word: Interesting…

Most memorable / favourite part: The kid, although you can’t really isolate one part because the play’s format is a whole experience.

Could / should have had: I’m in the industry so I wouldn’t want to say!

Pay to go again?: I love Mike Bartlett, but no.  £30 was a bit too expensive for what I saw.

– Anon, London

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The show in a word: Relevant.

Most memorable / favourite part: When the kid was first in the box, you could SO relate to him,  I loved the human aspect of the play! Also, the shooting!

Could / should have had: I didn’t like seeing other people watching the play.

Pay to go again?: I’d pay to be in the show!

– Stuart, London


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